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Anna von Wodtke, Family & Child Therapy, Vienna VA

Anna von Wodtke


Hi, I’m Anna - I’m a clinical social worker, mind-body practitioner, and believer in the power of play to heal.

I have been working with children, teens, families, and adults in the mental health field for eight years. My clinical approach has become non-directive and relational, and primarily draws from child-centered play therapy (CCPT). I have found that therapeutic work done through the tenets of CCPT allows a space for any person to develop a sense of safety, and experience growth toward a better self and experience of life.

My priority is creating a safe space for my clients to explore themselves - CCPT demonstrates that children know what they need, and will naturally move toward balance. I become a companion in that journey into the self, and show up with unconditional acceptance. I work with parents and caregivers to collaborate on creating a supportive environment for the child and family.

My areas of expertise include:

  •  Anxiety, including social, separation and generalized 

  • Challenges with emotional regulation including meltdowns, aggression, oppositional behavior, and demand avoidance (PDA)

  • Depression

  • Gender identity

  • Life transitions including divorce/separation, grief processing

  • Low self-esteem & difficulties with self-expression and advocacy

  • Neurodivergence-affirming support, including Autism, ADHD

  • Parenting support


The time we are living in has brought huge collective experiences, and massive shifts in the way we think about mental health and wellbeing, and I am honored and fascinated to do this work at this time. One of the recent trends in mental health care is an awareness that regulation of the nervous system is critical in coping with any mental or behavioral condition. I utilize tools I’ve learned as a yoga and meditation teacher, and aim to enhance and build on intuitive coping skills at any age.


I cherish this work, and am constantly amazed by the growth we are all capable of when given the space, support, and connection. Contact me to schedule a free consultation call and begin a collaborative healing journey!


  • MSW (Masters in Social Work), University of Central Florida

  • BA (Psychology), Elon University, NC


  • Intensive In-Home Therapist and Mental Health Skill Building Clinician, offering individual and family therapy

  • Applied Behavior Analysis clinician with children and adults with Autism

  • Internship at Loudoun County Youth Shelter and developed programming that incorporated mindfulness, connection with nature, and expressive therapies

  • Advocate for Sexual Assault Victims and 24-hour crisis line responder at Northern Virginia Community College

  • Attended continuing education trainings on suicide and self-harm prevention, Positive and “Good Enough” parenting skills, and play therapy

  • Volunteered at Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter and co-facilitated groups for children who had experienced domestic violence/abuse

I am currently working toward my clinical social work license (LCSW) in Virginia under the supervision of Lucy Sgroi, LICSW. I am also working toward becoming a certified yoga teacher (RYT).

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