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Parent Consultation Coaching Vienna, VA

Parent Consultation

As that saying goes: “the days are long but the years are short.”

We all go through periods where a little (or a lot) of extra help may be needed! For parents of spirited children, the clinicians at Family & Child Therapy offer short or long-term parent consultation and coaching. Our therapists are well versed in theories of attachment and how to nurture the parent-child bond. We also provide caregiver consultation for parents of neurodivergent children (including those who have a PDA profile).

Parent Consultation Coaching Vienna, VA

There is so much parenting information in the world it can be confusing and overwhelming!  Have you ever thought about what your main goal is as a parent?  What qualities and strengths do you want your children to have as they grow into adults.


If your goal is to have a child who grows into a successful, kind yet assertive adult who is passionate about their goals/dreams, understands their strengths, and someone who can value themselves while respecting others, then we have the same goal. We are passionate about teaching parents the role that biology plays into behavioral communication.

Parent therapy Vienna, VA
Parent Consultation Coaching Vienna, VA

By understanding the neurobiology of emotion regulation you can help your child understand their own body and emotions in a way that allows them to work with their body and not against it.


Our goal is to give you practical strategies to help your uniquely wonderful child (whether young child, pre-teen, or teen) develop the skills to thrive holistically.


We will review how to assist your child in developing skills that will allow your child to honor themselves and their unique strengths while increasing their intrinsic motivation for learning, respect, and kindness of others. 


We strive to assist you in building communication tools that allow you to grow your connection with your child while promoting safety within your relationship.  Most importantly, our goal is to bring silliness and joy back into your parenting and daily interactions with your children!

Parent Consultation Coaching Vienna, VA


  • Guidance, education and support to new parents and parents with toddlers

  • For parents of spirited children, short-term parent consultation and coaching including meeting with parents and talking with collateral team members as needed to discuss the history of the child’s behavior issues and working together to find positive parenting approaches and solutions in the home, at school, and in the community. 

  • Long-term therapy for parents wishing to explore how their parenting has been impacted by their own childhood experiences. Our therapists are well versed in theories of attachment and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

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