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Group Therapy Vienna, VA

Group Therapy

Group Therapy Vienna, VA

Group therapy is an opportunity for children and adolescents to work through their concerns and presenting problems among peers with a skilled facilitator.

Our groups are conducted in a private, confidential setting, granting participants an opportunity to improve their social skills and self-esteem while helping others their age do the same. 

Group therapy can be a valuable tool that promotes a sense of belonging and inclusion. Sometimes, people who are struggling feel alone and isolated from their peers. By connecting people dealing with similar challenges, group therapy aims to ensure that each individual feels acknowledged and validated in their experiences. Working alongside other individuals can also facilitate the development of trust and a willingness to be vulnerable.

Current group offerings:


Gender Diverse Affirming Play Group
A Joyful Journey of Play and Belonging for ages 8-10

8 Weekly 45 minute group sessions

Our Gender Diverse Affirming Play Group is designed for children ages 8-10. In this transformative experience, we celebrate the rich tapestry of gender diversity while embarking on a joyous journey of self-discovery and belonging. ​


Through playful exploration and authentic expression, we create a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive and explore their unique gender identities while connecting with peers who understand and embrace their individuality.

Led by skilled therapist facilitators, our groupsrun every 10-12 weeks, offering continuousopportunities for growth and enrichment.Celebrate diversity and authenticity with us aswe harness the power of play to fosterbelonging and self-confidence.

Group Therapy Virginia
Group Details

Duration: 8 weekly 45 minute group sessions

Time: TBD

Location:144 Church St NW Suite 205, Vienna, VA

  • Enrollment begins September 5 for the Fall group

  • 60 minute Intake Session with Parent(s)/ Caregiver(s)

  • Feedback Parent/Caregiver Sessions at the close of group, after 10 weeks and as needed throughout

Investment is:
$110 / 45 minute group session
$225 / intake & caregiver session
What to expect:
  • Child-centered and non-directive play therapy approach

  • Inclusive and accepting space for authentic expression

  • Parent/caregiver sessions for collaboration and support

  • Groups limited to six children, fostering a cohesive connection and sense of belonging

  • Experienced therapists specializing in gender diversity: Rvan Bryson, LPC, NCC (he/him) & Tisha Moon, LPC. NCC (she/her)

Join us for a transformative play experience, celebrating diversity and fostering a strong sense of belonging among peers. Limited spaces available - enroll now!
Group Therapy Vienna, VA
Neurodivergent Affirming Child-Centered Play Group A Therapeutic Journey of Play and Connection

FOR AGES 4-5 & 6-8

Are you looking for a supportive and inclusive play experience for your Neurodivergent child? Look no further!


Join our Neurodivergent Affirming Child-Centered Play Group, designed specifically for children ages 4-5 and 6-8. Our playgroup offers a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive, explore, and connect with peers who understand and share their uniqueness.

Neurodivergent Affirming Child-Centered Play Group A Therapeutic Journey of Play and Connection
Neurodivergent Affirming Child-Centered Play Group Therapy
What to expect:
  • Child-centered and non-directive play therapy approach

  • Therapeutic activities tailored to your child's developmental needs

  • Opportunities to enhance social navigation, communication, and emotional and nervous system regulation

  • Supportive interactions with experienced therapists specialized in Neurodivergence and gender diversity

  • Inclusive and accepting space for Neurodivergent children to flourish

  • Parent/caregiver sessions to foster understanding, collaboration, and mutual support

Session Details:

Duration: 10 weekly sessions

Time: TBD

Location:144 Church St NW Suite 205, Vienna, VA

Join our waitlist!
Dates for the next session are pending at this time.

Don't miss out on this transformative play experience! Register your child for our Neurodivergent Affirming Child-Centered Play Group and witness their growth and confidence soar. 

For more information and registration, contact:

EmiLeigh Whitehouse, LPC, Ph.D. Candidate and Tisha Moon, LPC, NCC

Neurodivergent and PDA Clinical Consultation Group
Group Therapy Vienna, VA  Neurodivergent and PDA
Consultation Session Details:

  🗓️ $65 Monthly consultation groups
  🗓️ As-needed sessions
  🗓️ Ongoing sessions (subject to availability)

Clinicians can expect:

  • Simplify complex cases

  • Break free from roadblocks and challenges

  • Identify and address barriers, including ableism and medical model narratives

  • Cultivate confidence

  • Harness techniques from various therapeutic modalities​

  • Heightened self-assurance

  • Improved client retention

  • Deeper insights into their clients' needs

  • Sessions that are more fulfilling and meaningful

Are you feeling stuck in your work with your neurodivergent and PDA profile clients?

Our consultation services offer a nurturing, proactive, and empowering avenue for mental health professionals seeking guidance, support, and fresh perspectives on their clinical cases. Tisha Moon, LPC, NCC and Amanda Van Emburgh, Psy.D, RPT-S, are dedicated to providing unwavering neurodivergent support through an inclusive and LGBTQIA+ affirming lens, across all age groups. Our expertise spans play therapy, individual counseling, parent coaching, and collaborative efforts with treatment teams.

We extend our consultation services to counseling and mental healthcare professionals at all stages of their career, from recent graduates to seasoned clinicians with decades of experience. This includes a diverse range of disciplines such as marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, social workers, and psychologists.

Our professional consultations are designed to empower clinicians to offer the most effective treatment to their clients while keeping in mind the importance of their own self-care.​

Our Approach to Consultation Sessions:

We play an active and engaged role in the consultation process, drawing from our specialized knowledge in neurodivergence, PDA, and trauma. We prioritize collaboration and tailor consultation sessions to meet the specific needs of each clinician. Our strategies are evidence-based and continuously adapted to ensure an affirming and neurodivergent-informed approach, with profound respect for lived experiences. We also work closely with clinicians to identify any personal factors that may be hindering their ability to support neurodivergent clients and those with a PDA profile​.​

Want to Learn More?

If you're curious to discover more about our professional consultation services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by contacting us via email at or simply submit the contact form below. We're eager to connect with you and help you enhance your clinical practice.

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