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Brian Sheaffer


Hello, I’m Brian. In my role as a dedicated supervisee in clinical social work, I bring a deeply personal journey and a tapestry of diverse experiences to my therapeutic approach. I specialize in supporting children, teenagers, and young adults as they navigate the complexities of social and emotional challenges. Whether it's dealing with childhood trauma, managing anxiety, or facing life's transitions and personal growth, my goal is to offer understanding and guidance.


My life story, being bi-racial, an adoptee, and traveling abroad, has granted me a unique perspective on identity and belonging. I understand straddling the lines between cultures, the challenges of fitting in, and the enrichment brought by friendships across a broad spectrum of backgrounds. From engaging with various communities to training in Muay Thai in Thailand and learning from shamans in the jungles of Peru and Ecuador, I’ve cultivated a profound ability to connect with and understand people from all walks of life.


This personal journey deeply informs my professional practice. As a Level I Breath Worker, I am a strong advocate for the integration of mind-body therapies into our treatment plans. Through Strength-Based, Solution-Focused, and Person-Centered techniques, I strive to offer empathy, unconditional support, and understanding in every interaction. For me, building and maintaining trust and rapport is foundational to our work together.


I take pride in my ability to accept and not judge, qualities that are pivotal in my practice. My interests, including the study of ancient cultures and playing hockey—skills I honed by teaching myself to skate—illustrate my commitment to understanding the evolution of human nature and belief systems, and their influence on our contemporary lives.


I often find in sessions that alongside my clients, we tackle not only the symptoms but also the barriers that life presents, addressing anxiety, depression, attachment issues, and PTSD. My aim is to empower my clients to voice their needs, set boundaries, and lead more integrated, fulfilling lives.


Currently on the path towards licensure as an LCSW under the supervision of Lucy Sgroi, LCSW, and aiming to become a  Registered Play Therapist (RPT) under Amanda Van Emburgh, PsyD, RPT-S, I am committed to offering a therapeutic space that reflects my diverse experiences and deep commitment to understanding and healing.


Let's embark on this journey together, leveraging our unique experiences and strengths to navigate the path toward healing and growth.

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